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Cissap Ghana Training

Are you a government security personnel due to retire soon? 

Or are you a government security personnel planning an early exit?

Your government security experience alone may not make you competitive in the private sector. 

That is why we encourage you to get the right skills needed to succeed in civil life by acquiring professional industrial security certifications of global repute which are in high demand by top employers.

At CISSAP, you can be trained to earn prestigious globally recognized industrial security qualifications such as the ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Physical Security Professional (PSP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) or the Associate Protection Professional (APP). 

Alternatively, if you do not want to continue security work after retiring, CISSAP also runs sustainability courses such as organic farming, green house farming, agro processing, bee keeping, fish farming, snail farming, poultry farming, grass cutter farming, integrated farming, renewable energy business, etc.

Also, if you are a private security officer or private individual without security background, but seeking to enter the industrial security profession, CISSAP can assist you earn the right qualifications for the best jobs in the market. 

CISSAP also runs specialised short – term security courses such as cybersecurity, camera installation, electric fence installation, vehicle tracker installation, etc

Cissap Ghana Voluntary Principles
Voluntary Principles
Voluntary Principles

Since 2002, companies in the extractive industries, notably mining andoil and gas agreed to abide by a code of practices to ensure that duerespect was given to the human rights of security offenders. Since then
the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human rights (VPSHR) have
become the standard for companies seeking to demonstrate human rights
compliance in their security programmes. CISSAP is a VoluntaryPrinciples Training Institution and can boast of a very comprehensive VPSHR trainingprogramme. Contact us for your VPSHR training needs. We can run on-site Voluntary Principles training or have your team attend a Voluntary Principles training at our office. We can also help your organization conduct a voluntary principles assessment and further help you develop a Voluntary Principles compliance program if you do not have one. 

Read, Learn about ASIS​
Read, Learn about ASIS
Cissap Ghana Our Projects
Annual Training Schedule
Annual Training Schedule

My Farm Space Agro Incubation Project.

CISSAP is currently also running a program dubbed My Farm Space. My Farm Space is an Agrobusiness Incubation Program meant for those desiring to go into farming but do not have the money and time to acquire their own plots and the associated infrastructure. We make it easier for you to kick start your farming dream.

Under the My Farm Space program, interested people can rent a farm space or sponser a farm space. When you rent a farm space, the package comes with a piece of farming plot, access to Farm accommodation, access to common farm tools, access to electricity and access to water for irrigation.  When you sponsor a farm, CISSAP will get others to farm for you and you will own the produce and decide what to do with it.

Cissap Ghana Advisory

Becoming a member of an international professional security association like ASIS demonstrates to your peers and prospective employers that you are committed to staying on top of global security events in the world and networking with the best practitioners in the field.

Furthermore, becoming a member of a local professional security organization such as CISSAP is a demonstration of your dedication to think globally but act locally. Professional international associations usually do not deal with specific in-country issues, hence leaving a gap for local professionals to fill. This is where CISSAP comes in. CISSAP membership connects you with local security fraternity and grants you access to the Security Professionals Empowerment Conference which provides a solid platform of growth for local professionals.

Membership at CISSAP comes in 3 types;

  1. ASSOCIATE FELLOW: This is for members with no prior security background.Membership fees: GH¢ 75 annually.

  1. FELLOW: Practicing security professionals with basic membership interests.Membership fees: GH¢ 150 annually.

  1. SENIOR FELLOW: Reserved for experienced professionals who also serve as resource personnel and advisors to the executive board. Membership fees: GH¢ 240 annually.


  1. HONORARY FELLOW: Reserved for prominent non-security professionals committed to supporting Industrial security activities and that of CISSAP in Ghana. No membership fees required.

Military Resettlement
Military Resetlement

As a result of the current manpower policy in place, most soldiers these days retire at a relatively younger age. The good news however is that most ex-military personnel are employable. It is estimated that more than 50% of soldiers who leave the military find jobs within one year of leaving.

 The CISSAP Military Resettlement Program aims to raise the statistic to  95%. Our Military Resettlement Program has packages for Junior Ranks, Officers, SNCOs and Senior Officers.

 Some of the core modules covered under Career Transition Program includes:

Idependent Security Consulting

CV Writing

Financial Literacy

Interview Techniques

Business and Financial Intelligence

Industrial Security Courses

Security Management

Sustainable Green Entrepreneurship, etc​​

Cissap Ghana Safety Watch Program

Visit our blog for security related news, articles, etc.

Cissap Ghana Industrial Security
Industrial Security
Industrial Security

R&D As the leading security think tank group in Ghana, CISSAP is involved in research and development in several industries in Ghana. Our team of researchers are meticulously involved in the major industries in Ghana, seeking ways to understand how security gaps in these industries could be managed in the best way to allow these industries contribute significantly to the national economy of Ghana. This is then reported to the relevant Government authorities in Ghana to ensure that some of these concerns are adequately captured during the National Development Planning Process.
Some of the industries CISSAP is involved in are:

  • Agro-Processing (Food & Beverages)
  • Agric Business
  • Advertising
  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Electronics and Electrical
  • Garments and Leather
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
Cissap Ghana Security Conference
Security Professionals Empowerment Conference
Security Professionals Empowerment Conference

The SPEC is a monthly enterprise security management leadership conference dedicated to inspiring excellence amongst the cream and crop of security practitioners across the various industries in Ghana.

Every month, relevant security topics are discussed with the goal to sharpening the security skills of practitioners. Some of these topics bother on Banking and financial services security, Commercial real estate security, General crime and loss prevention, Crises management and business continuity, Pharmaceutical security, Information security, Leadership and Management Practices, Economic Crime, Fire and Life Safety, Food Defense and Agricultural Security, Global Terrorism, Healthcare Security, Petrochemical Security, Mining Security, Utilities Security, School Safety and Security, Supply Chain Security, Aviation Security, Transportation Security, Retail Loss Prevention,  Telecoms Security, etc. To find out when and where our next SPEC Session in taking place, please contact us.