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About Cissap Ghana

The Centre for Industrial Security, Sustainability and Asset Protection is an institution that is committed to promoting peace and continuity in Ghana through a three-prong strategy; strenghtening public and private security institutions,  supporting  corporate social responisibilty, and promoting asset protection.

Our Mission

Our objectives are:

To unify all Ghanaian Security and Business Professionals under a singular organisation dedicated to defending the fortunes of our country.

To empower our members with knowledge, the experience and the networks necessary to create a sustainable shift in paradigm.

To transform the African society, starting with our members in Ghana using a practical based leadership approach that consolidates societal obedience to the rule of law.

To defend  Africa’s new status quo by fighting endemic
corruption not with arms but with
hands and brains in an influential manner that proves a better alternative to endemic
corruption  eating away our fortunes.

Our Vision

To promote economic prosperity in Africa, starting in Ghana; by consolidating Ghana’s MDG goals (especially  MDG No.s 7 and 8) by focusing on enterprise security across the broad spectrum of industries in Ghana and to a larger extent the Sub Region and the Continent. We are doing this by providing a national and regional platform for the grooming of our security practitioners to become trans-generational servant leaders.

We Offer Comprehensive Security Training

Our excellent and comprehensive training is designed to equip the individual effective knowledge and skill on private security.

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